Land Rover Defender 2015

Land Rover Defender 2015 release

The all-new Land Rover Defender 2015 was introduced more than a year ago in a form of concept . People have reacted positively to the concept, and we all looking forward that new Defender  hit the market.

Land Rover has recently announced that the successor of the legendary Defender, be a world car and will be sold in the U.S. for the first time since in 1997. year. Land Rover will probably try to “push” the new Defender Sport, presented as DC 100 Sport Concept, youth in California who wants something “fancy” for going to the beach, while the standard Defender presented as a DC 100 concept, be full-blooded worker will to keep the roots of the original model.

Land Rover Defender 2015 price

In front of you is probably the first picture of the Defender DC100 production version, which appeared in the Chinese patent office. On the other hand, maybe it’s just a “bait” for the Chinese plagiarism, while the original draft of the deeply secretive. However, when you look at photos, show model, still coincides with the current direction of the Land Rover.

It is already known that the representations replacement for Land Rover Defender postponed because of the design, and the latest reports indicate that the successor of the Defender model will not produce in India and that the plans for the construction of power in India has been postponed, and that by the year 2015. This leads to problems since the withdrawal of the current model from the market is planned to be until 2015.

It is believed that the reason for these changes lies in the decision that the Land Rover Defender 2015 be based on the aluminum PLA architecture.

Land Rover Defender 2015 specs

Land Rover Defender 2015 – Release Date

Land Rover is in the midst of plans to produce its next-generation models of Defender, but this time the aforementioned model will have improved style. Forthcoming Land Rover Defender should enter production in the 2015 , and probably mark the end of the current model. The company has not yet decided how the car will look like, but it is hoped that it will be of interest to a wide range of potential customers, in its most basic and cheapest variant. Similar to existing models, performing Land Rover Defender 2015 will be available with several options in terms of looks and body is expected to be based on the same platform.

Land Rover Defender 2015 interior

The new Land Rover Defender will not appear on the market before 2015, and until then this company will take every opportunity to present the DC100 concept. Despite the new Defender concept seems too modern for a truly Defender, Land Rover is pleased to be able to maintain an independent, strong and adventurous spirit of the original car with the unique grille and lights. The Defender has always been the heart of the Land Rover brand, so it is understandable desire of the company to create an entirely new Defender for a global market, but also that the new model remains completely faithful to the original.

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