2015 Ford Ranger USA?

2015 Ford Ranger concept

Ford actually thinking of re-production of its Ranger compact pickup. Manufacturing American favorite compact pickup truck was stopped in December 2011. While this truck has won numerous awards in other continents (Ford Ranger has won the award for Best International pick-up in 2013), unfortunately in America this pick is no longer available. OK we agree that the F-150 comes in many versions, and has a wide range of offers. However, we also believe that Ford made ​​a big mistake with stop Ranger production, and we hope that they finally realized it.

2015 Ford Ranger release

The compact pick-up still have a high demand, thanks to the excellent fuel economy. Chevrolet will soon launch the 2015 Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier have an excellent demand in the U.S. market. If Ford decides to revive Ranger, I have no doubt that it will be back on the top of the best pick-up in the U.S. market. Doug Scott, the marketing manager for Ford trucks, said that the “death” of the Ranger was entirely justified at that time. It is very nearer the size of a full size pickup truck, and simply would not make it profitable. But Scott also said that he understands the need for a compact pick-ups. According to him, it is 1000 pounds of payload capacity, 3,000 pounds of towing, and a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption. In short, we hope that it will be a new 2015 Ford Ranger.

2015 Ford Ranger usa

So from this we learn that Ford widely thinking about re-production of the Ranger. But their strategy would be completely different from the strategies of their competitors. Ford plans to the next generation of Ranger (if indeed they opt for a re-production), be significantly smaller than the full-sized pickup truck. According to our estimates, the next generation of the Ranger would be 25 percent smaller size than the F-150, while its fuel economy will be improved by more than 30 percent. This would be really fantastic.

2015 Ford Ranger interior

This does not mean that the future of the new Ranger (F-100) is guaranteed. On the contrary. Ford continue to face major challenges, and that is an assessment of the feasibility of the truck. So to make this pick a good sale, its price must be under $ 20,000. Given that billions of dollars are needed to launch a new pick-up series, the big question is the Ranger project cost-effective.

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